Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

How Would You Know if Your Child is Using Drugs or Alcohol and What Are The Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Looking for Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse? Rely on your instincts. Meet the issue head-on with a face-to-face conversation when your son or daughter returns from socializing with friends. If there has been drinking or smoking, you will be able to smell it on their breath, on clothing, and in their hair. We treat teen addiction with a proven effective outpatient protocol that provides great flexibility in scheduling to have a minimum impact on family, social, and school commitments.

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Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Pay Special Attention When Looking For The Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Pay special attention to their eyes. When your child gets back to the house after going out with friends, look closely at their eyes as they will be red and heavy-lidded. And if they’ve used marijuana they will have constricted pupils. With drinking, pupils will be dilated, and they may have difficulty focusing. Also, pay close attention to their cheeks as they will tend to have a red flushed color on their face. This is one of the signs of drinking alcohol and part of the Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse.

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Mood Changes Can Indicate Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Be aware of mood changes and how does your teen act after a night out with friends? Are they garishly loud and obnoxious, or unexplainably laughing at nothing? If your child seems clumsy and stumbling around and into furniture or bumping into walls, this is another sign of recent drinking. Quiet, withdrawn, and unexplainably tired and sleepy-eyed for the early hours of the evening? Do they look sheepish and unbalanced stumbling into the different rooms in the house? These are all indicators that they may have been drinking, using marijuana or other drugs.

We offer a 24/7 doctor answered line that is discreet and confidential 678-695-8146.

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Your Teen’s Car Could Offer Clues to The Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Keep a close eye on their driving habits and condition of their car. Your son or daughters car and driving habits may indicate clues as well. Are they driving more careless when they have recently been with friends? Have you noticed new and unexplained scratches and dents? It is also advised that you examine the inside of their car. Sniff closely and try and smell to see if there are remnants of smoke or alcohol fumes? Look for bottles, pipes, bongs, or other drug paraphernalia that may be under the seat or on the floor perhaps hidden under paperwork deep in the glove box? If you do discover any evidence of drug use, get yourself ready to have a serious conversation about what you have found.

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Deceptive Behavior Could One of The Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

Pay attention looking out for deceptive behavior or excessive secretiveness. Do their plans with friends sound sketchy or shady to you? Are they being cryptic about where they plan on going? Can they describe in detail where they have been, shopped, or had dinner? Are they coming home much later than the agreed upon curfew? When you inquire as to where they have been and what they were doing are they belligerent? Do they tell you to mind your own business and seem excessively angry at your inquiries? If you observe these types of behaviors then most likely something is wrong and it’s time for you to take corrective action.

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Searching Your Childs Room to Look For Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

The parental authority you have with your child does not stop at their bedroom door. If you have observed unusual changes in their behavior, unusual smells coming from their room (like marijuana or cigarette smoke), excessive use of air freshener to cover up and mask smells. All of these indicate a serious warning sign that should not be ignored.

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Make sure that you have done your research and prepared to explain your reasons for why you have conducted this search. It is up to you as to whether or not you decide to inform them about it before you do it. Be concise to let them know it’s out your love for them and genuine concern for their health, safety, and well-being. If you do find out that indeed your child is not drinking or doing drugs, this might be an opportune time to as to whether there is something else that you as a parent could help them with as you research the Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse.

Teens come up with creative places to hide alcohol, drugs, and other paraphernalia:
Desk drawers
Small boxes – jewelry, pencil, etc.
Backpacks/duffle bags
Under a bed
Dresser drawers beneath or between clothes
Underneath the soil in a potted plant
In between books on a bookshelf
Books that have the pages cut out
Fake lipstick tubes and makeup cases
Underneath loose flooring that can be lifted up
CD/DVD/Tape/Video cases
Inside over-the-counter medicine containers (Tylenol, Advil, etc.)
Inside empty candy boxes and bags like M&Ms or Milk Duds

Pay close attention to your teen’s cell phone, tablets, and other digital devices. Do you recognize their frequent contacts? Pay attention to recent text messages or social media posts that could be an indicator of drug use or are contradictory to what they have been telling you?

Teen Drug Use Signs – How To Tell If Your Teen is Using Drugs – Alcohol And Drug Use in Teens – Teen Overdose Problems in America – Is My Teen Using Drugs?

Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse in America

In America, we have reached tragic and epidemic levels of teen deaths due to a drug overdose. Sadly, most of the parents of these teens who died were unaware that their son or daughter was even using drugs. Make sure that you know who your child is socializing with. Do their friends not want to come to your house? Be wary of their friends who do not want you in the picture. Trying to keep your son or daughter out of your view is a warning sign that they may be getting drugs from and using with that social contact. Teen drug deaths don’t have to happen. Being aware that your child could be at risk for using drugs is your first line of defense against them dying from an overdose. Your teen might seem annoyed at your high level of interest in their social life but it is a small price to pay to keep them alive.

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Be a Loving Parent Looking For The Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse

As a parent who loves your son or daughter, you are smart to stay interested and involved in their life. Invite them to do things with the family. Invite their friends to come along. This is a good way to filter out the bad social contacts as they most likely will not want to come. Teens who are using and distributing drugs are usually not interested in wholesome drug-free outings. Keep your child and their social contacts at the top of your interest list and you will be taking steps to keeping them safe and away from the grip of dangerous drugs by being aware of the Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse.

We offer a 24/7 doctor answered line that is discreet and confidential 678-695-8146.

These are a few of The Warning Signs of Teen Drug Abuse.