Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee

Why Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee may be the right option for you.

When you think of drug addiction rehab most people think of being locked away. Isolated from friends and family, feeling that they can’t be trusted, and with a lasting after effect of the stigma of being judged. How many times have you heard someone say “that’s Bill, did you hear he has been in rehab?” It’s just not right. Being locked away may have been the only option for many in the past but we now live in the modern world with new modalities of treatment where you or a loved one do not need to be locked away just to get off of an addiction to drugs or alcohol. We live in the day and age of effective Alternative Addiction Treatment.  Why not get out of Nashville for a little while and get clean? Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee.

Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee

Outpatient Addiction Treatment That Treats The Cause of Addiction. Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee.

Treating the cause of addiction is the right path forward and that can be accomplished with effective Outpatient Addiction Treatment. Understanding that when we use drugs or alcohol it all starts with a craving. A craving that is so strong that it overrides all reason and logic of the fact that we know it will hurt us, badly. So, doesn’t it make good sense to treat the craving first?

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When you decide that you don’t want to use drugs or alcohol you will then need the most powerful tools available to stop the craving and then we can begin the real healing of eliminating patterns, behaviors, emotional and social factors that lead to drug and alcohol use in the first place. Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee.

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Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee

Alternative Addiction Treatment That Directly Addresses The Craving For Drugs and Alcohol

At Living Healthy Medical we offer Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee.  With our proven effective outpatient protocol we treat the craving for drugs and alcohol. We look at you or your loved one as a “whole person” and not just as an addict. We understand that anyone can become addicted to drugs or alcohol. We treat every type of person and we know that those who are addicted come from all walks of life. Professionals, executives, business owners, teachers, clergy, and even law enforcement. Yes, that’s right, addiction is everyone’s problem, not just those that society has forgotten about. In America, we have reached epidemic levels of drug addiction issue that are literally affecting every family at some level. We can help by helping those struggling with addiction one person at a time and that is exactly what we are doing. Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee.

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NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) a Revolution in Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee

With our outpatient addiction treatment protocol, you or your loved one will come into our treatment center daily for an intravenous infusion of NAD (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide) which when introduced into the bloodstream has a profound effect on the neurotransmitters in the brain and more specifically, dopamine which modulates things like the craving for drugs and alcohol. This proven effective treatment directly addresses the craving for drugs or alcohol and when your cravings are reduced you can stop using with much less effort if you want to.

If you don’t make the call to learn more about Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee you will never know.

In some cases, it is necessary to participate in a 30-day lockdown rehab scenario. Some individuals actually do require 24/7 monitoring and need to be managed throughout the entire process. The truth is that if you really want to quit if you are sincere at the deepest levels, if you want to have a happy life free of drugs, our outpatient protocol will most likely be effective for you. You know your situation. If you are concerned about a loved one, family member, son or daughter then you most likely know their situation. You then also most likely know the dangers associated with continued use of drugs and alcohol and you know that death from overdose is hanging over your head every day. You found us because you’re searching for answers. You’re looking for help and you know that you are ready to resolve this now. The only thing is that if you do not make the call then nothing good will happen. You will only live through another terrifying day of potentially dying from an overdose or losing a loved one. Don’t wait anymore, make the call now. The consultation is free and is very discreet and confidential. The number is 678-695-8146 and is answered by a doctor.

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Where you stay during your Outpatient Addiction Treatment is up to you.

Another benefit of Outpatient Addiction Treatment is that you get to decide where you want to stay. This allows for much flexibility to accommodate your individual taste and budget. We can make recommendations on a number of diverse types of hotels and lodging options during your treatment but the ultimate decision is up to you. After all, why shouldn’t you get to decide? If you like where you get to put your “head on the pillow” after each day of your treatment then you will be much more likely to actually complete your treatment.

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A Modern Way of Getting Clean. Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee.

Outpatient treatment for addiction is catching on and fast becoming the most popular way for individuals who are struggling with addiction to get clean. There are so many advantages to beating addiction through an outpatient protocol and schedule. The first benefit of outpatient addiction treatment is that it will be a much shorter process and let’s face it, many never get the help that they need because taking 30 days out of your life is perceived almost as a “last resort” the only option. When you know that you can get clean, be with family and stay up with school and works schedules you are far more likely to try and get help before you have reached the absolute “rock bottom.” This is not to say that there isn’t a place for traditional inpatient 30-day treatments, it’s only to remind that there are far more modern and alternative options available today than ever before.

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We are committed to helping you or your loved one get clean in the most comfortable, effective and lasting way possible. We hold absolute to the principles of your privacy and will stay by you or your loved ones side until the process is complete. Consider our outpatient addiction treatment protocol and call for a free and confidential consultation today. Our doctors actually answer the line and stand ready to help you figure this out. The number for North Georgia (Alpharetta) is 678-695-8146 and Central and South Florida (Naples) 239-558-0875.

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Consider beating Drugs and Alcohol with Alternative Addiction Treatment Near Nashville Tennessee.