Accommodation choices for your treatment are as diverse and unique as you are. Some of our patients choose the convenience of staying at places like the beautiful Embassy Suites located just across the street from our treatment center. We are also proximal to the Courtyard by Marriott.

Close to our treatment center.

Just a short drive to North Georgias Mountain Cabins.

We are also a convenient drive from the beautiful Big Canoe Resort Area. When you stay in Big Canoe you can enjoy nature from the comfort of a rustic mountain cabin. Many patients choose the serenity of staying in Big Canoe and enjoy the comfort that goes along with a serene and natural setting. Ask about big canoe and we can help you with daily transportation to our treatment center.

Finish your treatment day at the Ritz Carlton in Buckhead which is just a 20-minute ride from our treatment center. We can arrange pick up and drop off for you.

Isn’t it your time to feel better?